Anydesk download free for you 2019

AnyDesk is the fastest remote computer control software in the world. Remote access and maintenance, directly from your tablet or smartphone.

Anydesk download free for you 2019

Anydesk download free for you 2019

Features of AnyDesk


AnyDesk compresses and transfers image data between computers in a way that no competing product is able to do.

Perform tasks smoothly, even with bandwidths as low as 100 kB/sec. AnyDesk is the remote desktop software of choice for areas with poor internet connectivity.

Enjoy a fluent on-screen experience, with 60 fps on local networks and most internet connections.


Banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology protects your computer from unauthorized access.

We use RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption to verify every connection.

Control who gains access to your computer by whitelisting trusted desks. This ensures that only those authorized to do so can request a connection.


Access your computer from your desk, your home office or the nearest meeting room, all with ease. Require unattended access while on the go? You’ll just need to set a password.

Run AnyDesk on your chosen platform, be it Linux, Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD, iOS or Android. Plus, use mobile apps at no extra charge.

Downloading AnyDesk is simple, even when you’re on the go. At just 2MB, AnyDesk is considerably lighter than the competition.

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